10 Years Celebration

This 2018 year celebrate the 10 years of Lyncelia.

To celebrate this decade of music and passion, I open a new topic category where I will tell you some important moments, songs, pictures, videos or whatever else that make the history and life of Lyncelia and allowed this project to go further.

In september I will release a compilation of the three albums and I will add some covers and demos of songs from my personal archives.

So, I open this celebration with the song “Assigna” from the album “Lovelorn” (2010).

This song is part of the few songs I wrote just before the creation of Lyncelia.
“Assigna” allowed me to find and tune the “Lyncelia style” and find my way in ColdWave/Gothic music and told me that this music is a real part of me.

This song allowed me to find that Lyncelia is not just music but a way to express what I feel deep inside and is also a sort of spiritual and personal development that marks what I live and give me strength every day.

Bassist and Guitarist wanted

Lyncelia Bassist and Guitarist Wanted 2018

I’m still looking for a Bassist and a Guitarist to complete the Lyncelia Line-up and add a new sound power and dimension on stage.

The band is based near Paris (Chelles / Marne La Vallée 77 – FR) and we need serious musicians with good level and knowledge of Gothic Music and/or Metal.

Of course, we need a great level of instrument practice and good use of effect pedals.

Lyncelia Bassist and Guitarist Wanted 2018


Happy New Year 2018!

Happy new year

Hello my friends,

I wish you a happy new year 2018 with lots of love, success and passion.

2018 will be a special year for Lyncelia cause it will celebrate the 10 years. I think I will do some special events (maybe some facebook live sets) to celebrate this decades with you. And of course I will record my new songs and release them one by one during the year.

Many thanks for your support!

Special Christmas Offer.

Lyncelia Bandcamp Discography

Special Christmas Offer,

During December 2017, the Digital Version of our three albums are available at a very cool price, only 3€ each Digital album exclusively on Bandcamp.

Click and order: https://lyncelia.bandcamp.com/music

It’s not expensive and it will help us to keep on recording and producing new songs and give you pleasure with our music.

Interview for Venus In Black Webzine (FR Language)

Lyncelia Interview for venus in black webzine

Last week we’ve done an interview for Venus in Black Webzine (french language only).

I answered the questions of Mrs Davina L; We talked about the origin and the presentation of Lyncelia, the meaning of the “Unbound Pleasure” video and about the future projects.

You can read the interview here:


Venus in black is a french webzine about Goth culture made by passionate people about the Goth scene, it was a great pleasure to answer her interesting questions.

Pictures @La Mezzanine available

Lyncelia Live @La Mezzanine (Pierrelaye - FR)

The pictures of the last concert at La Mezzanine (Pierrelaye – FR) are now available on the gallery section.

This concert was really intense, I was very stressed to be the headliner with 2 talented opening act. I had very much pleasure to be on stage playing for you and this for sure that Lyncelia is what I do best in my life and that I love to play live.


1 – Blind
2 – Unbound Pleasure
3 – Lost Anastasia
4 – Unveiled Illusion
5 – Linxya
6 – Sapphic Tears
7 – Insight
8 – Persistence of Vision
9 – L’aventurier (Indochine Cover)
10 – Diamonds

11 – Extincted

Lyncelia @La Mezzanine (Pierrelaye - FR)Lyncelia Live @La Mezzanine (Pierrelaye - FR)Lyncelia Live @La Mezzanine (Pierrelaye - FR)


14/10/2017 @Pierrelaye (FR) Running Order

Lyncelia 14 October 2017 Pierrelaye

The concert is coming very soon and here is the running order:

  •  Lyncelia (10:30pm)
  •  LW Sounds (09:30pm)
  •  NauGthylux (08:30pm)

Doors open at 8 pm – 3€

Drinks and sandwiches available indoor.

La Mezzanine 42bis ru Victor Hugo 95480 Pierrelaye.


My setlist is complete and features 10 songs for a running time of approx 1h.

The set is principally tuned around “Forsaken Innocence” songs but with also some old ones I didn’t play since few years.

“Unbound Pleasure” on Transmission Lima Radioshow from Peru

The song “Unbound Pleasure” on airplay on Transmission Lima radioshow from Peru.

Many thanks DJ Marco Rocha for your support and to play Lyncelia regularly in your show. It’s a great pride to know that my music is listen and appreciate throughout the world. It proves that Music is international and lead emotions and expression worlwide even if we don’t speak the same language, we can understand each others.

You can listen to the podcast just here:

Forsaken Innocence Review on Psychopathia Melomania

Review of “Forsaken Innocence” on Psychopathia Melomania (french language).

Many thanks to Severina for this beautiful review full of passion.


(…) “Forsaken Innocence” est un bijou noir et triste qui ne demande qu’à scintiller, une sensibilité à fleur de peau décrite au fil de notes enchanteresses et mélancoliques. (…)

Next show: 14/10/2017 – Pierrelaye FR

Lyncelia 14 October 2017 Pierrelaye

The next Lyncelia show will be on 14th October 2017 @La Mezzanine (Pierrelaye – 95 FR).

The show is produced by Cambrousse Rock and Feature:

  • Lyncelia (Gothic-Rock/ColdWave)
  • LW Sounds (Dark Electro)
  • Naughtylux (Rock Electro-Pop)

20h – 3€

La Mezzanine 42 bis rue Victor Hugo 95480 Pierrelaye (France)

Lyncelia 14 October 2017 Pierrelaye