Alexis, the founding members answered to my questions during this interview. We talked about the band, his musical work and why he creates Lyncelia.

Isabelle: How many members are in the band?

For the moment I’m the only member in Lyncelia. But it was not always the case; I worked during 5 years (from 2010 to 2015) with a bassist. We had some different point of view and some musical divergences make this collaboration came to an end and I took this project in solo. But I want to have other musicians to make a real line up.


What instruments do you play?

On stage I only sing and play guitar, which is quite good enough.

Moreover, in Studio I also play bass, synths and I program drum machines. This is quite schizophrenic but this is a part of my madness for music.


How many times do you play music?

I started to play guitar in 1994 (I get so old) by learning to play Metallica’s songs.

Then I played drums between 2002 and 2010 and during this time I started to play bass in 2006 and keyboard one year later in 2007.

I also program drum machine since 1997 thanks to DAW that is a part of my working process.


How comes the idea to create Lyncelia ?

I had the idea in 2004 to create a coldwave band but I hadn’t too much times and I didn’t had some songs, so this idea don’t passed the only test-session with some musicians, inconclusive.

This is in 2007 when I wrote some songs on my own in a coldwave style that comes to the creation of Lyncelia few months later the 1st september 2008.


What are the artists that influenced you for this musical style ?

I can say that it’s The Cure, The Sisters of Mercy and Clan of Xymox that gives me the envy to come in this musical style, and for the text I can say the writings of Charles Baudelaire that allows me to put some words on all that was hidden inside me : doubt, fear, contradiction, melancholia, despair, spleen, finding the loved one…

With this I want to make something beautiful and cathartic.


What importance in your life have music, and what importance have Lyncelia in your life ?

Music is very important for me, I listen a lot to music, everyday. I love discovering some new things et go to concerts.

Lyncelia have a bigger importance in my life because it’s the most important project of my life and it maintained and supported me when I was down.

I passed a long period of doubt and disillusion and Lyncelia allowed me to express these feelings and make them positive and creative.

It helps me a lot to pass this dark period, to keep motivation to carry on and to noticed that I hadn’t tell all I wanted and it remains lots of things to complete in my life and with Lyncelia.


What message do you want to spread through your music?

I haven’t the pretention to spread a message to change the world, the world is like it is and we must keep the motivation to go through.

I only propose a universe where the listeners can escape from their daily troubles during the time of an album or a concert. I express what everybody had hidden and what some persons live everyday; if these persons recognize themselves in my music and if it helps them to have the force and the motivation to go onward, so I completed my goal.


Are there other musicians in your family and friends?

Ho yes, there is some musicians in my family. My sister is a lyric singer (you can hear her on Forsaken Innocence album), my father started guitars few years ago and my beloved is also a singer. I’m always surrounded by musicians, this is really appreciable.


Interview by Isabelle R.