“Lenses” (2022):

“Lustful Feelings” (2021):

This song is about seduction and burning senses in erotic games.

Model: Isabelle R.

“Beloved” (2019):

This song is about accepting our fate whatever we need to sacrifice from our life to achieve it.

Model and Female voice: Isabelle R.

“Self-Mystery Girl” (2018):

Have you ever felt the mystery of a girl just by looking at her eyes?

Model: Isabelle R.

“Unbound Pleasure” (2017):

This song talked about a young innocent girl about to find a new side of her. She’s between apprehension and excitation to become the girl she never used to be.

Models: Isabelle R, Chloé D.

“Blind” (2016):

This song is about the choice we must make by leaving our past life behind us and dive into the unknown? Or step back and continue on this way of failures and suffering?

Model: Laurène V.

“L’aventurier” (2015):

This song is a cover of the classic french New Wave song witten by Indochine in 1982 in a version, both cold and dark. We can recognized the original song but it’s exactly 100% Lyncelia.

Model: Lison P.