LIVE – BESIDE VENUS Live Album available

Our Live album “LIVE – BESIDE VENUS” is available on Digital on our BANDCAMP Page.


This live album contains 17 songs, for 1h30 of music, recorded live on 10th June 2023 in PARIS during the – THROUGH THE VENUS GARDEN TOUR 22/23 – PART II.

This live album is not perfect but it’s authentic. NO Overdubs, NO re-recording, NO pitch Correct, NO Editing: JUST REAL MUSIC.


  9. BLIND
  15. LINXYA


New Line Up

Lyncelia line up 2020

In this year 2020, Lyncelia gets a new skin,

first of all, Yann decided to leave the band few weeks ago. He wants to play some different music and to evolve in different style far from Lyncelia (Metal genre and experimental). We wish him gook luck in his new projects and we thank him for his hard work for Gothic Music during these 2 years with us.

A news never comes alone, one member leaves but two are coming.

Welcome to Jean-Claude on Bass, bringing us dynamism and organic strength on bass parts with all his Coldwave, Post-Punk and Gothic-Rock influences. His regularity in pick attacks is what we are missing for a while. Jean-Claude plays with us since March (just before the lockdown) and he proposed his service on bass at every concert end for many months.


Lyncelia line up 2020

Then, we oficially entered Isabelle who will sing all the female voices we used to sample and will add the feminine sensual and dramatic touch we sought for many years and missed on stage. You already heard her voice on the song and the video “Beloved” and many fans encouraged us to invite her on stage with us. Of course, she will not sing one and only song, we’ll arrange some old and new songs to give her a real place in the band.

Lyncelia line up 2020

Lyncelia line up 2020

Nouveau Line up

Lyncelia line up 2020

Lyncelia fait peau neuve en cette année 2020.

Tout d’abord, Yann a décidé de quitter le groupe il y a quelques semaines. Il a souhaité partir pour de nouveaux horizons musicaux et évoluer dans des styles différents de Lyncelia (dans une optique plus typé Metal et expérimental). Nous lui souhaitons bonne chance pour ses nouveaux projets et nous le remercions pour ces 2 années de travail dévouées à la musique Gothique à nos côtés.

Une nouvelle arrivant rarement seule, un membre nous quitte mais 2 nouveaux nous rejoignent.

Bienvenue à Jean-Claude à la basse, qui nous amène beaucoup de dynamisme et de solidité organique sur les parties de basse par toutes ses influences Coldwave, Post-Punk et Gothic-Rock. Sa régularité dans ses attaques de médiators étaient ce qui nous manquait depuis bien longtemps. Jean-Claude joue officieusement dans Lyncelia depuis mars 2020 (juste avant le confinement) et cela faisait déjà plusieurs mois qu’à chacun de nos concerts il nous proposait ses services pour tenir les parties de basse dans le groupe.

Lyncelia line up 2020

Nous intégrons aussi officiellement Isabelle, qui interprètera toutes nos voix féminines (habituellement samplées) et ajoutera enfin la touche de sensualité féminine et dramatique que l’on recherche depuis si longtemps et qui nous manquait sur scènes. Vous avez déjà pu entendre sa voix sur le titre (et dans le clip) “Beloved” et beaucoup de nos fans nous ont encouragé dans cette voie pour l’intégrer sur scène à nos côtés. Bien-sûr, elle ne sera pas présente uniquement pour chanter un seul titre, nous arrangerons certains anciens (et nouveaux) titres pour intégrer sa voix et lui donner une place prépondérante dans le groupe.

Lyncelia line up 2020

Lyncelia line up 2020

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I would like to do a facebook live next week. but I have few question to ask you.

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MY top 10 albums of this last decade

As a tradition for all people, it’s my turn to let you know about my top 10 albums on this last decade. It includes the albums I most listened to during these years in chronological order.

1 – Zola Jesus “Stridulum II” (2010)

Her second album. Very personal and new from me at this time, I was completely seduced by her voice and her electronic music. The first song is a cult one fro me.

2 – Dead Can Dance “Anastasis” (2012)

Their great return with an awesome album. All is perfect on this one, great arrangements, great hypnotic songs. And the tour following this new album was a blast for me. I rarely heard a so powerful and clear live sound. Perfect!

3 – Christina Aguilera “Lotus” (2012)

Everybody knows that i’m a huge Christina Aguilera fan for years. With this album she came back and with great modern songs. The album didn’t reach all I expected in the media but for me it’s one of her best album.

4 – My Dying Bride “A Map of All our Failures” (2012)

This album is my favourite of this band, the songs are really heavy and desperate without being boring. The album is powerful and emotionnal. I love their way of making music.

5 – Indochine “Black City Parade” (2013)

Not their best album but probably one I listened a lot (with Paradize and Alice & June). Black City Parade contains really good songs but the album is quite too long. Without 2 or 3 songs it could be great.

6 – Icona Pop “Icona Pop” (2013)

Everybody knows that I always loved Female Pop and this band was representing for me a fresh air and gave me some inspirations for my most danceable songs.

7 – Tying Tiffany “Drop” (2014)

An artist I do love, this is her last album I think and probably her best (with “People Temple”).

8 – Lana Del Rey “Ultraviolence” (2014)

I fell in love with Lana Del Rey with her previous one, I was expecting an awesome album but this one was far higher than I expected. The songs are very powerful and emotionnal with great guitar arrangements. The albums that followed were much disapointing comparing to “Ultraviolence” and I can’t listened to them without being bored.

9 – The Mission “Another Fall From Grace” (2016)

I don’t really know all their career, I only knew their hit single but this album is really awesome. For all Gothic-Rock Fan!

10 – Gary Numan “Savage” (2017)

I didn’t know very much his career, only his early 80’s albums I listened many years ago. With this album I discovered a great artist who kept his unique voice since his first hit “Are friends electric”. His recent albums (since “Pure” in 2000) are perfect, I encourage you to listen these.

New Badges available on our shop

Lyncelia Logo 2019 Badges

New Merchandising now available on our shop page.

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Lyncelia Logo 2019 Badges

Breaking news: New guitar player

Lyncelia Line up March 2018

Great news for Lyncelia, we welcome the arrival of Yann on second guitar.

It’s the first time in 10 years there is 2 guitar players in Lyncelia and it’s very pleasureable. Here is a short video where I introduce you our new guitar player.

So welcome Yann in Lyncelia!

– Alexis –

Lyncelia – Introducing new guitar player

This is the first great news of this year I announce you.Please welcome Yann, our new guitar player! :-)#Lyncelia #2018

Publiée par Lyncelia sur vendredi 30 mars 2018

Happy Valentines Day!

Lyncelia Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day to all the lovers.

Whatever you’re Straight, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender or whatever else, get all the love you deserve and cherish your loved ones each day!

Lyncelia Happy Valentines Day


Bassist and Guitarist wanted

Lyncelia Bassist and Guitarist Wanted 2018

I’m still looking for a Bassist and a Guitarist to complete the Lyncelia Line-up and add a new sound power and dimension on stage.

The band is based near Paris (Chelles / Marne La Vallée 77 – FR) and we need serious musicians with good level and knowledge of Gothic Music and/or Metal.

Of course, we need a great level of instrument practice and good use of effect pedals.

Lyncelia Bassist and Guitarist Wanted 2018


Happy New Year 2018!

Happy new year

Hello my friends,

I wish you a happy new year 2018 with lots of love, success and passion.

2018 will be a special year for Lyncelia cause it will celebrate the 10 years. I think I will do some special events (maybe some facebook live sets) to celebrate this decades with you. And of course I will record my new songs and release them one by one during the year.

Many thanks for your support!