Special Christmas Offer.

Lyncelia Bandcamp Discography

Special Christmas Offer,

During December 2017, the Digital Version of our three albums are available at a very cool price, only 3€ each Digital album exclusively on Bandcamp.

Click and order: https://lyncelia.bandcamp.com/music

It’s not expensive and it will help us to keep on recording and producing new songs and give you pleasure with our music.

“Unbound Pleasure” on Transmission Lima Radioshow from Peru

The song “Unbound Pleasure” on airplay on Transmission Lima radioshow from Peru.

Many thanks DJ Marco Rocha for your support and to play Lyncelia regularly in your show. It’s a great pride to know that my music is listen and appreciate throughout the world. It proves that Music is international and lead emotions and expression worlwide even if we don’t speak the same language, we can understand each others.

You can listen to the podcast just here:

9th anniversary

Lyncelia Logo 2008

Today is a special day because it’s the Lyncelia Anniversary.

1st September 2008: Creation of Lyncelia.

I just spent 9 Years of Passion, Doubt, Writings, Tears, Excitement, Disillusion, Happiness, Recording…

9 Years of Pure Pleasure playing music in studio and on stage, sharing great moment with all of you.


Many thanks to everybody who believe, listen, appreciate Lyncelia. Without you nothing is possible! Lyncelia is my Life, my Heart, my Passion, my Pride and represents the best I can make in this world.

Many thanks to all of you for making Lyncelia alive and real.


Some pictures from 2008 😉

Lyncelia 2008 Lyncelia 2008

Lyncelia Logo 2008

Lyncelia Listened in Peru in Transmission Lima Radioshow

Lyncelia is listened throughout the world, and specially in Peru.

Marco Rocha choose the song “Unveiled Illusion” (from the previous album “Assigned, for Disillusion”) for his show Transmission Lima (Peru) on 25/07/2017.

This is not the first time he featured Lyncelia in his show and he massively played the new album one.

DJ Marco Rocha is passionate about music and Transmission Lima is a radioshow specialized in alternative music (Post-Punk, Gothic-Rock and more…), every tuesday on www.wfku.org.

We send him huge thanks for his support and devotion through these last years by playing regularly our albums.

Here is the link to the podcast of the show:


Welcome on www.lyncelia.com

This is a great pride to open the first website of Lyncelia.

It’s been a while I wanted a website and this is now time to launch it.

You will find all our news, all tour dates, all informations about Lyncelia and some pictures and videos.

Have a nice time, I hope you will appreciate your visits on www.lyncelia.com


– Alexis –