– THROUGH THE VENUS GARDEN – New album available

The new and Fifth album “THROUGH THE VENUS GARDEN” is available on CD and Digital.

The CD version is at 10€ (+ Shipping costs) and the Digital Version is on Friendly Price, you give what you want.


« Through The Venus Garden » seals the collaboration as a 3 pieces band with a coherent and well finished album. We developped our Gothic-Rock side emphasizing a duality between male and female voices.

We take over themes from Greek Mythology (Venus, Cassandra, Pandora) and From Romantic Era (Loreleï, The Venus From Ille) and continue to reach this ascension to the sensual expression of unknown beauty.

Track listing:

  1. Season
  2. Pandora
  3. The Way I Shine
  4. Lenses
  5. The Sense of Love
  6. Filling My Fate
  7. Through The Venus Garden
  8. The Seal of Seduction
  9. The Day I Die

Diamonds Remix by Jamal

Remix of our song “Diamonds” by our friend Jamal from French Guillotine Records (specialized in Electro Music).
It’s our very first remix and it was a good surprise to hear the version of an artist we appreciate.

We hope you’ll like it as we love it!


New album “The Beauty of Doubt” Available

Lyncelia The Beauty of Doubt

…When burning Passion runs into your veins comes The Beauty of Doubt…

This new album contains 7 songs of Gothic-Rock / Coldwave at its finest art with the brand and sensibility that characterizes Lyncelia since its first album.

With “The Beauty of Doubt”, Lyncelia follow its ascension to  the sensual expression about unknown Beauty.

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Flyer The Beauty of Doubt


New album out on 11th October 2019

Lyncelia The Beauty of Doubt

The new album “The Beauty of Doubt” will be available on CD and Digital on 11th October 2019. For this special date, we’ll publish our new video “Beloved”.

CD version will be available on our official shop

CD and Digital will be available on our bandcamp page .

Lyncelia The Beauty of Doubt



“Anthology 2008-2018” available on Streaming and Digital Download.

Lyncelia Anthology 2008-2018 Cover

Find out our “Anthology 2008-2018” on your best preferred Streaming app and Digital download services.

Now available on Itunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Youtube Music, Spotify, Deezer, Napster…

New song “Beloved” online

Lyncelia "Beloved" single cover

the new song “Beloved” is now online on our Youtube Channel to make you patient until the release of our new album “The Beauty of Doubt” on September 2019.

This song is based on the myth of Andromeda who was unchained to the sea to save her people. “Beloved” is about accepting our fate whatever we need to sacrifice from our life to acheive it.

With “Beloved”, we developed the Gothic-Rock side of our music with a sensual shot of drama by the add of female vocals.

This mid tempo song reminds the best of Gothic-Rock such as The Sisters of Mercy, The Mission or Theatre of Tragedy with the brand that characterizes us from our very first album in 2010.

Enjoy & share!

Christmas FREE Bonus tracks

Lyncelia Anthology 2008-2018 Cover

As it’s the period of gift, we offer you 3 bonus tracks on FREE Download exclusively on

Download on

Our “Anthology 2008-2018” shouldn’t be complete without the covers we made throughout these 10 Years. You can find for the first time on Download our covers of “Sorry Angel” (from the french artist Serge Gainsbourg), “L’aventurier” (from french band Indochine) and the very last one “The Figurehead” from The Cure.

Merry Christmas!

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The Beauty of Doubt – New song available

Lyncelia The Beauty of Doubt Cover 2018

…When burning passion runs into your veins, with the beauty of doubt to awaken near the beloved one…

Digital Download on

“The Beauty of Doubt” enhanced a more tragic and dramatic side of our music with the add of intense female lyrical ending vocals from Amélie B.

This down tempo song reminds the darkest hours of The Cure, and also bands like My Dying Bride and Theatre of Tragedy with the brand that characterizes us.

Recorded, mixed and Mastered at Total Recording Studio (March – May 2018).
Female voice by Amélie B, additional whispered voice by Isabelle R.

pictures by Alexis B.
Model: Isabelle R.

Anthology 2008 – 2018 Available

Lyncelia Anthology 2008-2018 Cover

Our “Anthology 2008 – 2018” is now available.

To thank all of you for your support during these 10 Years, this release will be on FREE Download on

It’s our gift to thank you for your support. And for those who don’t know Lyncelia, it’s the perfect starting point to discover and share our music.

Track list:
1 – Persistence of Vision
2 – Assigna
3 – Diamonds
4 – Extincted
5 – Void of Glass
6 – Linxya
7 – Blondestar
8 – Unveiled Illusion
9 – Lovely Girl
10 – Phenixia
11 – Blind
12 – Unbound Pleasure
13 – Insight
14 – Lost (Anastasia)
15 – Forsaken Innocence
16 – Unveiled Illusion Maxi 45t (bonus track)

Lyncelia Anthology 2008-2018 Cover

The sound of Self-Mystery Girl

Some people ask me how I made the guitar sound of the new song “Self-Mystery Girl”, so I write this article to explain my goal and how I reached it.

First of all the guitar I used for this song is a Fender Stratocaster american model. It features three single coil pickups and I used the position bridge/middle in clean sound.

Lyncelia Fender Self Mystery Girl

After the guitar, I wanted an analog feel so during last years I took analog pedal and I can say that the sound is largely superior to digital ones. This is not a legend that analog pedals are more musical with their unperfection than Digital ones with their perfect restitution of sound.

For “Self-Mystery Girl” I used three stomp pedals:

Lyncelia Self Mystery Girl effects Pedals


The MXR Flanger has a really interesting sound, from very subtle to outrageous Jet plane effect. The sound is less brilliant than an Electric Mistress and it fits perfectly this the very clean and brilliant sound of the Fender. While Flanger is a modulation effects, it could be too much but the MXR always fits in the mix without being too presents.

Lyncelia Flanger


The Delay pedals is an Electro Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man. It’s an analog delay but with tap tempo sync on 1/4. The sound is very dreamy and aerial and always musical. It gives the perfect level of space without being too invading due to its analog path. The sound is largely warmer than Digital Delay that tends to be too clean for me now (I used it for many years and since I played the Memory Man, Digital Delay seems to be a little less personal for me).

Lyncelia Delay


And last, I used the TC Electronic Arena Reverb. It’s a Digital Delay (the only one on my pedal board) but the sound is very warm, pristine and pure. It gives the extra space I wanted without being too much. Reverb tends to drown easily your sound in the mix but not the Arena, all fits perfect in the mix.

Lyncelia Arena


I didn’t talked about the amp. I used Native Instruments Guitar Rig 5 Pro amp simulator. For this song I used a Marshall Plexi simulation. It’s been a while I used this software and I love it cause it’s simple but very versatile. I used amp simulation cause I can get the sound I want anywhere, any time. No need to do real mic positions in front of a real amp, all is set in the software.