New single out on 22nd June 2018

Lyncelia Self-Mystery Girl Available 22 June 2018

The new single named “Self-Mystery Girl” will be available on Video and on Digital Download (via our eshop and bandcamp) on 22nd June 2018.

It’s the first song we released since the latest album “Forsaken Innocence” in 2016 and it will break a silence of 2 years.

This single will be followed by others songs that we’ll release regularly throughout the year. At the end it will form two EP’s and an album.

We hope you’ll enjoy, see you on 22nd June to see the video and the song.


Shooting the next Lyncelia video

Lyncelia making of Self-Mystery Girl Video

Hello you all,

We’re shooting our next video titled “Self-Mystery Girl”. The first part of the video was shot few weeks ago and now we’re shooting the band part of the video. For this video we develop a New Wave style with black shirt and red tie.

Lyncelia making of the "Self-Mystery Girl" video

Studio Report: Female voices – March 2018

Lyncelia Studio recording female Voices

22, 29th March 2018 :

Here is the last post of this studio report, we have already record all tracks and we’re now on the arrangements with the additional female voice.

Isabelle started with some arrangements for “Beloved”. It was very hard for her cause she’s not used of studio recording. The vocal track isn’t easy, it demands precision on the pitch and on the rhythm. After numerous takes we’ve come to what we wanted: Fragility and emotions. I can say that it add the perfect sense I wanted for this song and a new romantic dimension to it.

We tried to do some vocals on the songs “The Beauty of Doubt”, we find the good arrangements but too difficult for Isabelle’s voice so we call Amélie (who already sung on previous albums) that represents the logical and perfect choice for this song.

The pitch of this first vocal track is very high and I needed Amélie’s voice technique to reach what I want. It was not easy cause she didn’t know the song nor the score, it gets some time for Amélie to learn and fine it for a better result.

Lyncelia Studio recording female Voices

04th April 2018 :

Amélie came back to end the second vocal track. It’s easy for her after a day of rest, we need few takes to remind the part and it come very easy.

As I said, the choice of Amélie was the perfect choice, she add the perfect tragistic feel to this song and add a more lyrical dimension to this song. It was the emotion I wanted to enhance and enlightened for this final.

Now all the recordings are over. I could start the mix.

Many thanks to Isa and Amélie for giving me their precious time and their so lovely voice to my music. I love you!

And last but not least, thank you all to read this studio report and follow this important step for Lyncelia. I can say that these songs will be strong, hopefully the best I had written and the sound will be huge and better than ever.


…The End…

Lyncelia 10 Years, article #4: First concert

Lyncelia 31 March 2009 first concert

For this 4th article, I’m coming back on an important step for Lyncelia: The very first concert of this project on 31st March 2009.

It was the starting point of the Lyncelia concerts and it proves me that even il I’m alone I could perform on stage and take pleasure to play. For the first time I played songs with lyrics I had written that I sung with a different voice from my principle band at this time. The experience was intense and it was with a huge apprehension that I step on the stage this night to play the 6 songs that were finalised.

At this time, the drum sound was not the same (I haven’t the TR505 for the 3 albums) and there were not “Diamonds” nor “Persistence of Vision” (the text wasn’t finished).

This day, I took my amplifier but the producer of the show refused that I use it, he plugged me in the mixing desk and from this day I abandon the amp and use only the amp simulator of my multi-effects. With this I could play everywhere with the same sound and it makes easy the soundchecks before the shows.


For the history, at this time Lyncelia was at the beginning and was just a solo side-project from my principle band. My songs had started to buzz on myspace and I received a message from the singer of Soul Disorder (that was a great coldwave solo band) who was searching for a 2nd band to play à La Cantada (Paris – fr).

I accepted the deal even if I wasn’t sure of the result to play alone. I work my sound to be able to play a show and this night on 31st March 2009 I play my very first Lyncelia show. I had great memories cause it was the very first time I played solo with a project I have in my heart.



  • Clemency
  • Lyncelia
  • Extincted
  • Over The Senses
  • Void of Glass
  • Lovelorn

…To be continued…

Retrospective Lyncelia, article #4: Premier concert

Lyncelia 31 March 2009 first concert

Pour ce 4e article, je vais revenir sur une étape importante dans la carrière de Lyncelia: le tout premier concert de ce projet donné le 31 mars 2009.

Ce fut le point de départ des concerts de Lyncelia et ca m’a prouvé que même en solo je pouvait performer sur scènes et prendre plaisir à jouer. Pour la premiere fois je jouait des morceaux que j’avais composé et écrit les textes que je chantait une voix différente et à l’opposé de mon précédents groupe et le tout avec un look différent et à part. L’expérience fut intense et ce fut avec un trac extreme que je monta sur scène ce soir là pour jouer les 6 titres qui étaient finalisé.

A ce moment là le son de batterie n’était pas le même (je n’avais pas encore ma TR505 qui servira pour les 3 albums) et il n’y avait pas encore les titres “Diamonds” ni “Persistence of Vision” (dont le texte n’était pas encore finalisé).

Ce jour là, j’avait emmener mon ampli et l’organisateur avait refusé que je l’utilise et m’avait branché directement sur la console. Le résultat fut finalement plus intéressant que prévu et depuis j’ai abandonner l’ampli et je n’utilise plus que le simulateur d’ampli de mon multi-effet. Ce qui fait que je peux jouer partout avec un son constant et cela facilite les temps de balance avant les concerts.

Pour revenir sur l’histoire, A ce moment là Lyncelia en était qu’a ses début et n’était qu’un projet solo parallèle à mon groupe principal de l’époque. mes morceaux avait commencé à buzzer sur myspace et je reçu une proposition du chanteur de Soul Disorder (qui était aussi un excellent projet solo de coldwave) qui cherchait un 2e groupe pour une soirée à la Cantada.

J’ai sauté sur l’occasion même si au depart je n’était pas sûr du résultat de jouer en solo. J’ai donc travailler mon son pour pouvoir assurer un concert et ce soir du mardi 31 mars 2009 j’ai donner mon tout premier concert avec Lyncelia. J’en garde un très bon souvenir car ce fut la première fois que je jouait live en solo et de plus avec un projet qui me tenait très à coeur.


  • Clemency
  • Lyncelia
  • Extincted
  • Over The Senses
  • Void of Glass
  • Lovelorn

…A suivre…

Studio Report: Vocals – March 2018

Lyncelia recording sessions, vocals march 2018

16, 18, 19 March 2018 :

Time to record the vocals, it won’t be easy cause I didn’t really rehearse the songs with the lyrics. I must be creative. During the weekly rehearsals of last months, we worked with Yann on older songs to get together and I had to let new songs off.

Lyncelia recording sessions, vocals march 2018

I start by the song “Beloved”, it’s the song I master the most. No problem with it, then “Self Mystery Girl” passed through without difficulties. I thought it will be harder.

For “Lustful Feelings” I had big apprehension cause it’s a strong title I mustn’t fail. I need some work to make it sound like I wanted.

More complicated with the song “The Beauty of Doubt”, I never sing it with the text. I had some ideas I should finalize on the run et it sounds pretty good without too much difficulties.

In the majority, the recording of the voice were good, I thought I will get some difficulties cause I didn’t really work the vocals. I think I will add some female voices to add some dynamics and more dimension to the songs.

…To be continued…


Breaking news: New guitar player

Lyncelia Line up March 2018

Great news for Lyncelia, we welcome the arrival of Yann on second guitar.

It’s the first time in 10 years there is 2 guitar players in Lyncelia and it’s very pleasureable. Here is a short video where I introduce you our new guitar player.

So welcome Yann in Lyncelia!

– Alexis –

Lyncelia – Introducing new guitar player

This is the first great news of this year I announce you.Please welcome Yann, our new guitar player! :-)#Lyncelia #2018

Publiée par Lyncelia sur vendredi 30 mars 2018

Lyncelia Logo 2018

Lyncelia Logo 2018

New lyncelia logo 2018.

It takes the form of our very first logo in a new shape and color to remind that we’re here since 2008 and open a new era for us with new songs to be released soon.

Lyncelia Logo 2018

New photos online

Lyncelia March 2018

New photos are online in our Gallery page. Click here to see the gallery Lyncelia 2018.

It’s been a while we wanted to do some pictures cause the last was in 2016 for the Forsaken Innocence cover photoshoot. We made a photoshoot on 10th March 2018 and here is some preview of this photoshoot.

Pictures taken by Isabelle R.

Lyncelia March 2018


Lyncelia March 2018

Lyncelia March 2018

Lyncelia 10 Years, article #3: “Assigned, for Disillusion” album

For this third retrospective post, I choose to talk about the 2nd album “Assigned, for Disillusion” realeased just 5 years ago on 11th March 2013.

This album contains songs I still have pleasure to play, some are still in my concert setlist (“Linxya”, “Unveiled Illusion”, “Blondestar”…).

It was an important step for Lyncelia cause this album marked the fact that we are not a band of one album et that we had the capacities to keep en and give a successor to “Lovelorn”. It was an evolution on the sound by the add of Claudia on bass, and a big evolution on my voice. This disc brought to us respect of Gothic people in France and worldwide. Lyncelia was built to last.


Lyncelia "Assigned for Disillusion" Cover (2013)

I’m coming back on the making of this album that was spawned in painful conditions, it was written and recorded in a bad and black period of my life. I was going through a great period of doubt and disillusion, all seemed lost, I was empty and dryed out.

From the melancholy of “Lovelorn” I came to despair. I put all I had at this moment, I came to the end of things until I lost inspiration, envy and will. I let many things of me and it was a catharsis that crystallized all my sickness and allow me to express it from my subconscient.

Once “Assigned” was finished and realeased, I feel much better like all my sickness was exorcised. This disc represented many years of pain and suffering I accepted and I let it behind me. I was lighter and I could find inspiration to write “Forsaken Innocence”.

I couldn’t finish this post without talking about the artwork made by Sandra (she left us after a long sickness). She made a great artwork traducting with perfection the topics and the ambiance of the album. When she send me the almost finished version (I remember to open this mail a morning just before to work), I was blown away by the results of her hard work.

This so sweet young girl with a glance lost in disarray and despair… Still today I thrill and I have much pleasure to look at it.

…to be continued…