Full live show available

The video of our last concert in its entirety is available on our Youtube Channel. We recorded the show to grant you a video with a good sound and we’re not disappointed.

By the Way, this show features 4 New songs from our upcoming album.

Next concert: 16th April 2022 (Paris – 77 – FR)

Le concert se déroulera à Paris au Klub (14 Rue Saint Denis 75001) à partir de 19h.
On vous y attend nombreux pour ce concert évènement qui sera notre retour sur Paris depuis 2020. Pour cette occasion, nous interprèterons de nouveaux titres de notre nouvel album.
Samedi 16 Avril 2022
19h – 10€
Lyncelia (Gothic-Rock)
Vicious Shark (Covers Rock 80’s – 90’s)
No More Minutes (Rock Progressif)
Le Klub – 14 Rue Saint Denis
75001 Paris

Next concert: 9th October 2021 (Neuilly sur Marne – 93 – FR)

Retrouvez-nous en Live samedi 9 Octobre 2021.
Le concert se déroulera à Neuilly sur Marne au O Agueda (Rue Max Dormoy) à partir de 19h.
On vous y attend nombreux pour ce concert évènement.
Samedi 09 Octobre 2021
19h – Entrée Gratuite
Greatland (Rock Pop-Punk)
Nothing To Tell (Punk Rock)
Lyncelia (Gothic-Rock)
Burn The Day (Rock)
O Agueda – Rue Marx Dormoy
93330 Neuilly Sur Marne

05/06/2021 Facebook Live #7 replay

Replay of our 5th June livestream.

We played 1h20 min with 14 songs from our 4 albums.
We loved so much playing for you and we had lots of pleasure during this Live. We added some lights and Fog Machine and we missed playing with these stuffs.
  1. Linxya
  2. Unbound Pleasure
  3. Romantic Sweep
  4. Elegiac Frustration
  5. Persistence of Vision
  6. Diamonds
  7. Lovelorn
  8. Blind
  9. Lustful Feelings
  10. Promised to Failure
  11. Assigna
  12. Unveiled Illusion
  13. Forsaken Innocence
  14. Extincted


Facebook Live #7

Banner Live 5 June 2021

Our next Facebook Live will take place on saturday 05th June 2021 – 08:00 PM (UTC+2)


1h Live session with the full line-up.

We’ll play some different songs from our previous Live Stream with some old songs taken from our Four albums.

France, Germany, Belgium, Europe, West Africa: 08:00 PM
UK: 07:00 PM
Brazil, 03:00 PM
Peru: 01:00 PM
USA (East Coast): 02:PM
USA (West Coast): 11:00 AM
Lyncelia Live 5 June 2021

“Lustful Feelings” New video available

Lyncelia Lustful Feelings

We’re very proud to share with you our new video. We’re very pleased with the final result of this video and we think it’s the best we done.

We hope you’ll enjoy it.

This song is about seduction and Let-go that we could feel by burning our senses in lust, sexy and sensual feelings.


New Video Release on 26/03/2021

Lyncelia Lustful Feelings

Our new video “Lustful Feelings” will be published on friday 26 March 2021 on our Youtube Channel. We shot it last month and it’s the best one we made to date.


We benefit from this release to launch our Twitch Channel on friday 26 March at 07:30 pm (UTC+1) with a special stream of this new video followed by a live chat and en introducing to this clip and then the stream of our other videos.



0603/2021 Facebook Live #6 Video Replay

Lyncelia Facebook Live 06 03 2021
Replay of last saturday Facebook Live.
We played 1h of songs from our 4 albums and for the first time with the Full Line-Up.
We loved so much playing for you and we had lots of pleasure during this Live.
  1. Beloved
  2. Self-Mystery Girl
  3. Unbound Pleasure
  4. The Beauty of Doubt
  5. Lustful Feelings
  6. Extincted
  7. Lost Anastasia
  8. Diamonds
  9. Phenixia
  10. Unveiled Illusion
  11. Over The Senses

06/03/2021: Facebook Live #6 (Full Line-up live session)

Saturday 6th March 2021, let’s find us at 7:30 PM (UTC +1) for a 1h Full Line-Up live session.
The livestream will take place on our Facebook page
France, Germany, Belgium, Europe, West Africa: 07:30 PM
UK: 06:30 PM
Brazil, 03:30 PM
USA (East Coast), Peru: 01:30 PM
USA (West Coast): 10:30 AM
Flyer Facebook Live March 2021

14/11/2020 Facebook Live #5 Video Replay

Facebook Live Stream on the page Lyncelia.

This 1h live stream contains our most popular songs and some of our last album “The Beauty of Doubt” (still available on CD and Digital). It was the first Live with Isabelle on Female Vocals but Jean-Claude was locked at his home and unfortunately don’t appear on this livestream.


  1. Beloved
  2. Self-Mystery Girl
  3. Unbound Pleasure
  4. Romantic Sweep
  5. Blind
  6. Extincted
  7. Lustful Feelings
  8. Unveiled Illusion
  9. Linxya
  10. Lost Anastasia
  11. Persistence of Vision
  12. Diamonds