Created in 2008 and influenced by bands like The Cure, Indochine, The Sisters of Mercy and bands like Clan of Xymox, Paradise Lost or Depeche Mode, Lyncelia express with their albums a fascination for femininity and melancholia.

In 2010, they release the first album “Lovelorn” putting the roots and base of Lyncelia music. Just after the release of this album, Claudia take place on bass.

This line up worked on a cover of the French singer Serge Gainsbourg with a personal and fresh interpretation of “Sorry Angel”.

Then, it was time to write songs that will appear on the “Assigned, for Disillusion” album released in 2013.

From the melancholia of “Lovelorn” came the Disillusion and Despair that makes this album darker and painful.

After 5 years on Bass, Claudia left Lyncelia and Alexis as a one man band made a new sensation in 2015 with a personal cover, both cold and Goth, of the French new wave classic « L’aventurier » from band Indochine.

Back on 2016, the new album « Forsaken Innocence » is based on the feeling of abandon of hope, and the choice to forsake hope and innocence to find the light and serenity.

This new album represent the quintessence of Lyncelia and confirm the band as well established on Gothic-Rock scene. 

Lyncelia 2016