Interview for Venus In Black Webzine (FR Language)

Lyncelia Interview for venus in black webzine

Last week we’ve done an interview for Venus in Black Webzine (french language only).

I answered the questions of Mrs Davina L; We talked about the origin and the presentation of Lyncelia, the meaning of the “Unbound Pleasure” video and about the future projects.

You can read the interview here:

Venus in black is a french webzine about Goth culture made by passionate people about the Goth scene, it was a great pleasure to answer her interesting questions.

Video interview online (IDFM Radio 15/06/2017)

Lyncelia Interview 15/06/2017 IDFM Radio

The video of the Interview for “Fréquence Guasch” on IDFM Radio is now online.

I prepared a short programmation of bands and songs that were important for Lyncelia. So we talked about the bands Dinatod, Clan of Xymox, Theatre of Tragedy.

These bands are really specials for Lyncelia cause it gives me the way to play and develop the music I wanted to play and wrote.

Amongst that, we play some songs of Lyncelia from the very first one “Persistence of Vision” to the last album “Forsaken Innocence” without forgetting the “Assigned, for Disillusion” album. We also speak about my working method in Lyncelia, about the website and about the team that help me to develop all the project I want to realize.


Many thanks to Fred Leyéti for this very nice moment of passion and music during his radioshow.


Interview by AVM77 available

For all those who missed it, the podcast of the interview (broadcasted on on 28th June 2017) by AVM 77 is now available on soundcloud.

I answered the question of José Angeles from the website AVM77 for the radioshow “Paroles de Zicos…mais pas que!!!”.

We talked about the music and style I play, the goal of this music. The purpose is to express feelings hidden deep inside.

We played the songs “Blind”, “Unbound Pleasure”, “Lost Anastasia”, “Answer My Fall”, “Weep a Long Silence” from the album “Forsaken Innocence”.

We also talked about the band, my musical way, the lyrics and my writing method for Lyncelia.

It was a real pleasure to make this interview and I thank José for this nice moment of passion and music.





Radio Interview on 15th June

IDFM Radio Enghien

Thursday 15th June 2017 I’ll answer the questions of Fred Leyéti for the radioshow “Fréquence Guasch” (IDFM Radio).

The show start at 10PM, live streaming on

We will talk about Lyncelia, my influences and my projects for the future with a programmation based on the previous albums “Lovelorn” and “Assigned, for Disillusion”.

Podcast of the interview for Rockenfolie available

Logo Rockenfolie

The podcast of the interview for Rock en Folie is now available. I was with Julie and Anthony for the show Rock Express on the radio

We talked about the band, about the line up, about the music and influences of Lyncelia and about my working method to write music.

And last but not least, you can listen to songs “Blind”, “Lost Anastasia” and “The Figurehead” by The Cure.


Interview at IDFM available

Interview IDFM 16 mars 2016

As I promised you, here is the video (in 3 parts) of the interview (french language) at IDFM Radio during “Fréquence Guasch” radioshow on 16th march 2017.

This is a real pleasure to share with you this moment of passion and It will allow you to know more about Lyncelia. 

We talked about the band, the latest album, about my workflow on music, my next concert and my next projects.

It was a great pleasure to do this interview and answer to the questions of Fred Leyéti, and we save a new date on june.