Studio Report: Synthesizers – February 2018

19th and 20th February 2018: Recording the synthesizers:

We start these sessions for these 7 songs + 1 cover with the recording of synthesizers tracks.

Lyncelia Access Virus TI

The majority of these tracks comes from my Access Virus TI that is my principal synth, and then there is few tracks from VSTi like Native Instruments Massive and Arturia Minimoog V (the first version, not the mini V). I just think that I really should more use these VSTi cause they are quite good but I largely prefer to use hardware stuff cause I prefer tweak buttons than the mouse of my computer.


Lyncelia Access Virus TI

It also demands to rework and clean all the MIDI Tracks, to finalize it and to quantize all the note length.

This process consist to turn MIDI tracks (that contains only informations and pilot synths) to Audio tracks (real audio sound). This is a long and tedious process cause Audio exports are in real time, 1 track = The length of the song and I have more than 1 track per songs. This is quite long but it allows more comfort for the mixing session.

…To be Continued…