Studio Report: Recording Session February 2018

Today I start the recording of 7 new songs. For the moment there is only 4 songs complete with the lyrics, the 3 others has no text yet but I decided to also record them and I will add the vocals when the lyrics will be complete. This is the first time that I start a recording session without finished all the songs.

Actually I don’t talk about a new album cause I decided to release the songs one by one here and on the web regularly to have more contents to share with you instead of releasing an album every 3 years et no music left to share in between. Maybe when all the songs will be finished I could make a digital album with these songs and perhaps a very limited series on CDs.

For me the album format is more and more unadapted to our modern life (even if I still like, listen and buy albums, I’m an old fashioned guy). Today in 2018 this format is getting old for underground artists, we can’t permit ourselves to release songs only every 2 years, this format is less adapted and useful as it was just 10 years ago. Now we must always create and share our creations regularly with you to give show you the permanent evolution of our projects.

The recording sessions is decomposed in several steps that I will developed throughout further posts:

1 – Synthesisers:

Consist of exporting all the MIDI Tracks into Audio Tracks.

2 – Drum Machine:

Consist of exporting all the drum parts into Audio Tracks.

3 – Guitars:

Recording of the Rhythm and Lead Guitars parts.

4 – Bass:

Recording of Bass Parts.

5 – Vocals:

Recording of all the voice and vocal parts.

6 – Mix:

Making all tracks playing together with each instruments at its place.

7 – Mastering:

Making all instruments tracks being one song, and making all songs being coherent with themselves.

…To be continued…