Studio Report: Guitars – February 2018

Lyncelia Gibson SG Recording Session 2018

At last, the thing I was waiting for, the recording of the guitars. It’s the quintessence of Lyncelia, guitars are dominating and bring all the melodic dimension to my music.

On the previous albums I used my old Lâg Arkane from 2007, for these sessions I only used my new guitars; My Fender Stratocaster, my Gibson SG Standard and my Gibson SG Future bought 3 years ago. That brings a sound less cold, more voluptuous and Rock.

Lyncelia Fender Stratocaster Gibson SG

It’s been 2 years I want a more organic sound, warmer and less digital. With these guitars and analog pedals I use instead of the internal effects of Guitar Rig software I reach this goal.

Lyncelia Gibson SG Gibson SG Future

On my board there is my old Marshall Guv’nor and Jackhammer distortion, a MXR Analog Chorus, a MXR Flanger M117, an EHX Bad Stone Phaser, an EHX Deluxe Memory Man TT1100 Delay and the last one a TC Electronic Arena Reverb that is the only digital pedal.

Lyncelia Pedalboard

And last detail (but not least), on few songs I used an Ebow. It’s an electronic device that gives endless sustain and add a more dramatic mood to my music.

I had some difficulties on few songs cause I used to play faster than the tempo and on the solo for “Self Mystery Girl”. My Stratocaster has a default on the neck with false intonation on few notes at the end of the neck.

The other songs had no difficulties, except on few overdubs and on the Ebow part on the song “Endless”. I had tomake a one shot track to keep the sound during the whole song.

Now the guitars tracks are over and remains the bass parts to record.

…To be Continued…