Studio Report: Bass – March 2018

Lyncelia Recording Bass Tracks March 2018

01, 02, 03 March 2018 :

After changing the strings on bass, I started the recording of these tracks. This a real pleasure to play bass on ColdWave music, I had much pleasure.

I used my only bass, a Yamaha TRB1005L. It’s an active bass with integrated preamp, it has a great sound very precise, some will say cold, but it suits so well to Lyncelia Sound.

Lyncelia Bass Yamaha TRB1005

This is also the first time I used analog effect pedal (on the previous albums I used the Guitar Rig software effects). On the board there is 3 MXR pedals (Bass Overdrive, Analog Chorus, Flanger) and a TC Electronic Arena Reverb.

Lyncelia Bass PedalBoard

I recorded the softer songs first and the difficult songs just after. This is at this moment that I noticed that I don’t practice bass enough cause I had huge difficulties to keep the rhythm on 1/8 notes at 130 BPM of the song “Self Mystery Girl”. I must work riff by riff to keep the rhythm on the whole song. I not satisfied and I will re-record it later.

Lyncelia Recording Bass Tracks March 2018

I follow with the songs using Overdrive and some heavy parts remind songs from My Dying Bride.

I also finalize and finish the writing of the bass parts of “Lustful Feelings”.

05, 06 March 2018 :

It’s time to listen and check all the tracks. I had to re-record some Rhythm guitars on “Self Mystery Girl” (That I could rename “Self MYSERY Girl” cause I had acccelerate on the songs. I also re-record few leads on few songs. Now all sounds good and it remains to make the vocals.

…To be continued…