Lyncelia influences, article #7: Westwerk

Dinatod - Westwerk (2009)

Today I put the light on a band that didn’t exist and too fast forgotten: Din (A) Tod and their awesome second album “Westwerk”.

Sold at this time by Out of Line as a band making old shool 80’s Coldwave with a modern 00’s feel. I guessed what it could be and I went to their website to listen some excerpt that convinced me.

I order the album and it was a blast. All was perfect in this album: Energy, Sound, modernity, voices, songs. An awesome disc that changed many things in Lyncelia early days.

The first song gives the tune, energy, synths, drum machines and coldwave guitars; but the second song “Westwerk” had my intentions with the drum soud (especially the snare one, I’m still searching for a snare like that) and the Cure / Joy Division simple bass part. The voice, low and sensual, told me how I had to sing in Lyncelia.

This album contains lots of good songs as “Glory in the highest” with its female and languorous voice for a song with lots of synths in a melancholic and gothic feel. A masterpiece I’m not fed up to listen.

They made a cover of Joy Division “Warsaw” in a good modern version but not as good as the original one. One of the last songs “Flames on clavary” is on of my favorite. A songs with lots of synths but what a song. Hypnotizing with these sounds enveloping me in a sonic balance with female voice and mid-tempo drum machine beating hard.

It’s a shame this band didn’t go further after this 2nd album. I was waiting for another one. Din (A) Tod could go further and become a great international band. But I understand, it’s hard to make a better album than “Westwerk”.

– Alexis –