Lyncelia 10 Years, article #6: Sorry Angel

Lyncelia Sorry Angel compilation Couleur Gainsbourg (2011)

For this 6th article, I come back on our cover of “Sorry Angel” (2011) from the french singer Serge Gainsbourg.

At the beginning it was a proposal from our rehearsal studio, they wanted to celebrate the 20 years of Gainsbourg’s death by releasing a tribute.

We talked about the project with Claudia (Bass player at this time), she were very enthusiastic and we choose to participate. Claudia chose the song “Sorry Angel” cause the lyrics and musique could fits with our musical style.

The exercise was interesting to make a cover on a limited run, respecting the original but being 100% Lyncelia.

It was really complicated to sing in French, I’m not used to and the intonations are very different from English. I worked hard to get my voice fits in every words and pronounciation. Even today I prefer to sing in English.

Claudia add really lots of feeling on bass, it’s clear that I couldn’t do it the same. Almost a jazzy feel on bass all over my ColdWave Guitars.

It was an intense experience that allows us to make something different and to play it on stage with bands from other style. We represented with pride the Gothic Music at their sides.