Lyncelia 10 Years, article #2: “Lovelorn”

On this month of February for this 2nd article of this Lyncelia retrospective, I choose to enlighten the song “Lovelorn” from the first album.

…My Beloved, Lost Forever…

This song is based on the myth of Orpheus. After losing his beloved Eurydice, Orpheus will dare and defy death to get back to her. Once he completed this quest he should guide her through the kingdom of shadows without looking back on her. Doubting he looked back, he saw his beloved behind him but she was taken and Orpheus lost his love for the second time and for eternity.

The lyrics is one of the very first I wrote for Lyncelia and put the start of my writing, some independent sentences, very imaged and marked on the description of sensations. It forms a text that enlighten strong ideas and strong sentences. The topic is one of my favourite, the search of the lost love.

This song (written in July 2008) is special in Lyncelia discography cause there is no guitar parts, all was played on bass. Of course there is two distinct parts that represents my trademark with a rythm part and a melodic part. The drums features TR909-like sounds with lots of Reverb and Flanger effect on it to get a sound in the style of “Faith” from The Cure that was, at this time, an essential influence in the conception of the Lyncelia sound.

…To be continued…