10 Years Celebration

This 2018 year celebrate the 10 years of Lyncelia.

To celebrate this decade of music and passion, I open a new topic category where I will tell you some important moments, songs, pictures, videos or whatever else that make the history and life of Lyncelia and allowed this project to go further.

In september I will release a compilation of the three albums and I will add some covers and demos of songs from my personal archives.

So, I open this celebration with the song “Assigna” from the album “Lovelorn” (2010).

This song is part of the few songs I wrote just before the creation of Lyncelia.
“Assigna” allowed me to find and tune the “Lyncelia style” and find my way in ColdWave/Gothic music and told me that this music is a real part of me.

This song allowed me to find that Lyncelia is not just music but a way to express what I feel deep inside and is also a sort of spiritual and personal development that marks what I live and give me strength every day.