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www.darkitalia.itFebruary 2013 : Interview by Lunaria

1) Hello and welcome here, on Darkitalia! Let’s introduce yourself, with a small bio of the band.

Hello, we are Lyncelia from Paris (France) we play ColdWave / Gothic music principally influenced by bands like The Cure, Clan of Xymox, The Sisters of Mercy or Paradise Lost but we also have many other influences.

I am Alexis, the singer and guitarist of the band and there is Claudia on bass.

I created this band in 2008 as a side project and I made the first album “Lovelorn” in 2010, Claudia join me just after the recording of this album and now we are about to release our second album “Assigned, for Disillusion” in march 2013.

2) Why have you chosen this monicker, Lyncelia? It sounds really gloom and erotic. In your song, taken from the debut album “Lovelorn”, you sing: “You are the glimmer that light my dark life/without you I sink into hypnotic void… come to me, Goddess from past time, Muse of Redemption… Drive my hand to your blonde hair”. So, is Lyncelia a sort of ancient Goddess?

I am very pleased of what you said “really gloom and erotic” because this what I wanted, what it is supposed to be: A personal and unique strong name sounding like a girl’s name, so mysterious and sensual.

I created this name because I didn’t want a name with a too noticeable signification and first of all I wanted a name really unusual.

Lyncelia represents for me a female entity, representing the ideal and the incarnation of perfection and seduction. This is not an ancient goddess, but this could be my goddess from my past time, the lost entity who call my name at every second of my life, the ideal beloved I would love to find and to join.

3) Speak about your album, “Lovelorn” recorded in 2010; it sounds really good, as old school album linked with Sisters of Mercy early songs (your songs like “Persistence of vision”, “Assigna” or ” Ghosts of Past Lives”), with a touch of modern electro influenced, for example in “By all these fears” or “Diamonds” and Death Rock, in “Extincted”, “Over the Senses” and “Clemency”. I like the cover, too, so chic, charming and gothic; I love that blue rose, “drowned” in a violet atmosphere! It express your music, in my opinion: silky, gloom, ghosting, and decadent.

Many thanks for your description of this cover, this is exactly what I wanted to express when I worked on it. And yes, “Persistence of vision” is one of the first song I wrote in this style in 2007 and for this one I said “Lets make a song like the Sisters’ first album”.

After writing few songs in 2007, I decided to create this project in 2008 just for exploring this kind of music I loved and instruments and musical tools I don’t used to play at this time (before this I had almost played only Metal music with a Death Metal Band). and few months later being more comfortable with this melancholic music that begins to suits me more and more according to my personal feelings getting more and more melancholic, I decided to record “Lovelorn” and this album put the start of this band and its musical identity by using two differents and complementary guitars parts with clean sound or just a little amount of overdrive, important bass lines, drums machines and synths…

4) Speak about your cover, dedicated to the French Singer Serge Gainsbourg…

This cover comes from a proposition we received in 2011 to be part of a tribute compilation celebrating the singer.

Claudia thought that the song “Sorry Angel” could suits to our music. So we decided to make this cover and we thoughts that we managed to made a personal cover keeping the feeling and originality of this song. This is a Lyncelia-like song but we could easily recognize that it is still the song of Serge Gainsbourg.

5) Actually, you are working on “Assigned, for Disillusion”; the cover shows a melancholic blonde woman… Lyncelia? Can you describe how your sound will be? Well, I’d like listen to your music singed in your language… Do you always use english, or are you planning to sing in French language too?

Yes this blonde woman could be Lyncelia as she could also be “Linxya” or “Blondestar”. I’m so in love with this artwork.

The sound of this album will be far more higher and better than “Lovelorn”. The songs are also deeper, more intense, desperate and powerful with really strong and personal lyrics.

We comes from the melancholic feeling of “Lovelorn” to distress and desperate feeling of disillusion as said with the title “Assigned, for Disillusion”.

This is not planned to sing in french for the moment. We made it on the “Sorry Angel” cover, it was a great experience but I really love the sonorities of english that suits so well for rock music and I must say that english language makes me “shyless” to sing very strong lyrics.

6) You have already play lives; in 2009 with Soul Disorder; in 2011 with WolfLady and Malaise Rouge (really cult band!), in 2012 with YG and Audible, and with Electric Press Kit and Skinsitive… Tell us something about your gigs!

Playing live is something very special. This is where the music takes its life and transcends ourselves surrounding us with its energy and feelings and by making our minds connected each others to share this energy and feeling.

We love to play live, we have great moments when we are on stage and we are always impressed when we see people enjoying or dancing to our music.

7) We have already spoken with the French Cult Band Coldreams and Excès Nocturne; we have interview Les Modules Etranges, too. The Dark and Goth scene from France is wonderful; you have had amazing band such as Baroque Bordello, KaS Product, Corpus Delicti, Trisomie 21, Leitmotiv, Clair Obscur, Tanit…How are things, actually, in France? Speak about the music scene!

The gothic music scene in France is very interesting, as you say we have some great bands.

But unfortunately, this is not enough. I blame no one, but gothic peoples in France largely prefer going to gothic parties instead of supporting french bands by going to concerts. Adding to this the fact that the price to hire concert places rise more and more years after years make that here in Paris this is actually more difficult to find some concerts.

I also think that gothic peoples in France also love discovering foreign bands as foreign peoples might loves discovering french bands… Maybe the fact that it is exciting to discover some bands far away coming with other or different cultures. Who knows…

8) Ok, finish as you like and thank you for speaking with us!

You’re welcome, Many thanks to you for this interview. Your questions are very interesting.

You could find us at www.facebook.com/lyncelia and our second album “Assigned, for Disillusion” is about to be released in march 2013 on digipak cd and digital download that both will be available at www.lyncelia.bandcamp.com.

We hope that you will have the same pleasure to listen to our music than us making it. Keep on supporting music.

See you!

– Alexis –

www.darkitalia.it April 2013 : Interview by Lunaria

1) Hello and welcome back, here, on Darkitalia! How are you? Last time, we spoke about your first cd, “Lovelorn”, and now you are back with the new cd, “Assigned for Disillusion”!

Hello Lunaria, we are fine and very pleased to be here to speak about this second album. We worked hard during more than two years on it to have the best results and we think that we achieve something quite good.

2) Well, I’d like to speak about the artwork: we can see the face of a Blonde Dark Lady, thinking about sadness. The long blonde hair are moved by the wind. Up, on the right, there is your logo. Opening the artwork, we can see the same blonde woman, alone, in a desert, with broken stones and the red sky. What is the meaning of all this artwork, created by Sandra (http://s.a.n.d.r.a.free.fr )?

The meaning of this artwork is absolutely connected with the music and the lyrics based on femininity and Disillusion feelings. When you come to a life full of failure, you can notice there is only Disillusion remaining. At this moment, you feel that all your life was only illusion and when illusion disappears you’re like this lovely blonde girl, alone, lost in a desert life, saddened.

3) Musically, you have created a sound clear and powerful, with some synth. In the review, I have spoken about a crossover with Cure, Clan of Xymox and The Sisters of Mercy, to describe your music style. “Linxya”, “Blondestar” are two examples of songs based upon the best parts from Cure; “Strain”, I think will be loved by the fans of Clan of Xymox, and “Promised To Failure” and “Unveiled Illusion” are marked by the hand of Sisters of Mercy! “Phenixia” is the most heavy and gloomy song of the full cd, and one of my fav song, and I think you are very cold, colder than these bands, in my opinion, and more hypnotic, under the legacy of the 80’s ColdWave movement from France, your country…!

Thank you for these references, we love this bands! The 80’s ColdWave in France were fantastic and really intense. Our music is between this bands but all comes really naturally without thinking about it to create something quite personal and we think that our sound is now easily recognizable even between this bands we adore.

For « Lovelorn » I didn’t have references for the sound I wanted, even The Cure, Clan of Xymox or The Sisters didn’t have the sound I wanted to hear so I try some things and it worked. But for this album, I wanted a sound more powerful because the songs demanded this kind of sound and I spend hours and hours during the writing of the album tuning the drums sound and the guitar sounds to have exactly what I wanted for the recording sessions of « Assigned, for Disillusion ».

4) I have read the textes. You are always speaking about a concept based upon strange female figures and divas, upon the idea of the seductive -almost cruel!- Femininity; for example you say “So red lips/your blonde hair” in “Distained Perfection”; in “Blondestar” you say: “I feel her so close to me/ my hand could touch her body/nothing, the light’s out/ an idea of despair fills my heart/ Will I see her again?…..The Blondestar has gone.” as this mysterious blonde girl would be a fairy or a Goddess! In “Linxya” you sing: “Let me drown in the waves/I must die for loving you”: it seems an impossible or dramatic love story! Other themes you write are the desideres, the sadness, the solitude, spleen; in “Assigned, for disillusion” you write: “I let my youth, my vitality/I lose my values…Every night I wish to die/and never wake again”. In fact, you have written: “From the melancholy of “Lovelorn”, we come to distress and despair of disillusion as said by the title “Assigned, for Disillusion”. This feeling of having lost all in which we believed and can’t planned ourselves in a hypothetic future.” So, is it the Music the only cure to this existential disease?

For me the music is the only solution to get this feelings out of me. The last two years was the worst of my life. I passed through failures, Disillusion and despair and what I felt during these two years spawned “Assigned, for Disillusion” album with this dark and strong themes of sadness, solitude and spleen.

And as you noticed, the themes of femininity are also the heart of this concept with saddened female figures and dramatic love, the Orphée-like concept to never be able to reach the sweet beloved. “Blondestar” is the example about this dramatic love: To foresee a shade in the distance with the shape of a woman, and when you want to reach her light, she disappears. Is she real or just an illusion too? Will I see her again?

I’m fascinated by femininity because it represents the real beauty, there is nothing more beautiful than a woman. And this beauty can be sharpened: so seductive and so destructive just like in Charles Baudelaire’s poetry “Les Fleurs du Mal”.

5) And now? Are you planning something like making a video? I have read that the model of the artwork is Rebecca Roske (http://liam-stock.deviantart.com) …

We really would like to make some videos but for the moment this is not planned but we really think about it. The model for the inside girl is Rebecca Röske, she is a great model. Sandra (who made the artwork) wanted to worked with a picture of her so we asked Rebecca and she gave us her authorization.

6) Are you planning some concerts, in France, to support the new album?

Yes, we want to planned some concerts but for the moments we have nothing really confirmed. It is more and more difficult to find concerts in France for this kind of music.

7) Ok, finish as you like and thank you!

Many thanks for your questions, it was a great pleasure.We hope that you will enjoy this new album as we enjoyed to produce it. Keep on supporting music!