Interview by AVM77 available

For all those who missed it, the podcast of the interview (broadcasted on on 28th June 2017) by AVM 77 is now available on soundcloud.

I answered the question of José Angeles from the website AVM77 for the radioshow “Paroles de Zicos…mais pas que!!!”.

We talked about the music and style I play, the goal of this music. The purpose is to express feelings hidden deep inside.

We played the songs “Blind”, “Unbound Pleasure”, “Lost Anastasia”, “Answer My Fall”, “Weep a Long Silence” from the album “Forsaken Innocence”.

We also talked about the band, my musical way, the lyrics and my writing method for Lyncelia.

It was a real pleasure to make this interview and I thank José for this nice moment of passion and music.