Lyncelia "Beloved" single cover
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May 17, 2019


Beloved (2019) – single

New song “Beloved” from our new album “The Beauty of Doubt” coming on September 2019.

This song is based on the myth of Andromeda who was unchained to the sea to save her people. “Beloved” is about accepting our fate whatever we need to sacrifice from our life to acheive it.

With “Beloved”, we developed the Gothic-Rock side of our music with a sensual shot of drama by the add of female vocals.

This mid tempo song reminds the best of Gothic-Rock such as The Sisters of Mercy, The Mission or Theatre of Tragedy with the brand that characterizes us from our very first album in 2010.

Recorded, mixed and Mastered at Total Recording Studio (March, May 2018 - May 2019). Female voice by Isabelle R.

Cover picture by Alexis B.
Model: Isabelle R.

All Rights Reserved. (p) & (c) Lyncelia 2019.